Chickens and Peafowl

In chicken land, we have Golden Comets and Barred Rocks, they all lay large brown eggs.  The Barred Rocks lay eggs that have a slight pink tint to the brown.  There are two roosters, Stanley, who is a Barred Rock and Bert – which we aren’t sure what he is.  The girls are Lucy and Ethyl, our first two hens that were given to us by a friend, then we got Alice, named after my grandmother, who was a chicken farmer and Elsie and Mamie named after my aunts.  We rescued two more hens in the summer of 2015, they were in very bad shape, but after a great deal of love and care, they are now quite healthy and happy.  They are Wilma and Betty, affectionately called the cave girls.  March 2016 we have added 20 more chicks to the family, they are Easter Eggers, Cream Legbars and Buff Orpingtons.  The Cream Legbars and the Easter Eggers lay blue and green eggs.  Late fall 2016 we resqued two more hens – we named them Sweet Tea and Bisquit.  December 8th, 2016 we became chicken grandparents, our litte Daisy hatched a chick, which we named Winter.  Coming in February 2017, 5 Delaware chicks and 4 black Astralorps and one Buff Orpington Rooster oh and a handful of Easter Eggers.

The Peafowl

We have two peacocks and one peahen.  Mango is the hen and Coconut and Papaya are the cocks.  In June of 2015, my girlfriend, aka Farmgirl, lovingly put aside eggs from her peahen and hatched them for me, so that I may have a few of my own.  We raised these babies from a week old and they are quite tame and see us as the parents.  They are a hoot!  It takes up to two years for them to reach maturity and for the males to grow the long beautiful tail feathers that they are known for.

Best, Kim



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