this is the universe speaking – did you get my message

First off let’s just say that Rocky may be taking a little vacation further out to the country. Last night he figured out how to open the locked cat door. Yes indeed, he made himself right at home. He ate every single morsel of cat food in the house.  Not a crumb was left.  My… Continue reading this is the universe speaking – did you get my message

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masked intruder

Early this morning, my eyes opened, Tripod cat sat up in the bed beside me and let out a loud bellow.  EEEWWW skunk!  My first thought was OMG a skunk has gotten in the house and sprayed.  It brought back horrible memories of years past when that very  incident occurred. Fortunately, the skunk sprayed outside… Continue reading masked intruder


what does the woolly bear say

I’ve heard woolly bear caterpillar winter weather predictions, for as long as I can remember. I’ve heard tales like, the more black, the harder the winter will be, and if you see them crossing the road the winter will be hard. Even if you don’t believe, I think there is something about folklore that just… Continue reading what does the woolly bear say